VECTA Access Control Solutions

For Installer and System Integrator

VECTA installation

  • Easy setup of typical configurations. VECTA installer provides quick installation of VECTA typical configurations: Server & Client, Server Only, Client Only.
  • Flexible installation capabilities. The advanced installation mode is available for skilled users; in this mode users can manually select the required VECTA features.
  • Additional workplaces quick setup. A tool for quick server connection setup is launched during the installation of an additional client workplace; you just have to choose the computer with VECTA Server installed.
  • Ready-to-use initial database. During the installation a database is set containing an initial configuration which is sufficient for system start; all you have to do is configure your hardware.

System Setup

  • Convenient configuration management. A specialized "Console" application for installer and administrator allows for quick hardware reconfiguration and also provides online feedback of the online hardware state showed in the hardware tree. This feature is available in all VECTA versions.
  • Hardware Plug&Play support. We provide maximum support of VECTA-enabled hardware features. Therefore, such features as the automated search of connected remote devices (Plug&Play) (if those features are supported by the hardware) are also supported by our drivers.
  • Additional handy features. VECTA supports a set of additional features such as configuration objects Copy/Paste, Drag&Drop and objects abstract grouping.
  • Cardholders import from the third-party systems. In order to provide quick cardholders registration by the system we designed a specialized import module for cardholder objects. You can export personnel data from Customer HR System and then import it into VECTA.

Third-party integration

  • VECTA SDK. Today’s tendencies require the ability to integrate the various software products into a common IT infrastructure. For this purpose we have designed VECTA SDK (Software development kit) which allows you to integrate VECTA with HR systems and also to implement a specialized functional corresponding to customer business processes.


  • Debugging information output. We realize that not only the installation process is essential for successful operation; the processes of maintenance and support are also important. This is why we’ve designed a specialized debugging data output subsystem which allows to quickly reveal and eliminate the problems occurred.
  • Easy system diagnostics. In case of any unusual operating situations the corresponding detailed information is always written to a dedicated log file. Thereby, you can always find out what’s happened even if the operator has already closed the application.